Sean-Nós na Fearsaide

Sean-Nós na Fearsaide was launched in 2014 and celebrates and promotes the tradition of traditional Irish folk singing. Our festival ensures that this tradition remains alive and well in Belfast.

Our festival promotes tradition through singing competitions, music, workshops and social events.

Our partnership with the Oireachtas na Gaeilge means that we are the only festival in Ireland that annually hosts the winners of the famous Corn Uí Riada award which is recognized around the world.

There are performances of singing, music, dancing, storytelling, brackets, and a two-person interview with some of the winners and former winners of the main Oireachtas competitions, with guests from all over the country present.


Singing Competitions​

Corn an Oireachtais (comórtas chóir na mbunscoileanna) Corn Mhic Reachtain (faoi bhun 12 bliain d’aois) Corn Cuimhneacháin Thomáis Uí Mhonacháin (12 – 15 bliain d’aois) Corn Cuimhneacháin Sheáin Mhic Aindreasa (15 – 18 bliain d’aois) Corn Cuimhneacháin Mhéabh Uí Chriagáin (os cionn 18 bliain d’aois) The winners of the individual competitions will receive free entry to the relevant competition at the Oireachtas na Samhna.

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Singing Competitions

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